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In Between Pods

'In Between Pods' is a podcast that focuses on what it means to be a ‘creative’ (Actor/Writer/Director/Musician/Artist/Comedian/Youtuber etc) working (or not) in their chosen industry today. As an actor, I have always been fascinated by the consistent inconsistency of our day to day lives, and wanted to delve into what it is that truly makes us want to continue to do the craft we hold so dearly. Whilst looking at these people’s incredible achievements and how they got there, I am here to investigate the more profound questions that strive for a deeper understanding of topics such as mental health, relationships, ambitions, process, self worth and what life means when working. Or, quite simply, how to keep life fun when unemployed. 

Aug 28, 2020

Saw Yer Coming! Episode 33 of 'In Between Pods.' Host/Producer Wilson James sat down to have a chat with Actor and Co-Founder of Screen Actors London: Tom Sawyer. 

Screen Actors London:

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